THC cooperates with Twoj Usmiech dental centre


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Another entity specialising in dentistry has joined the THC group, and it is the Twoj Usmiech facility operating in Dzierzoniow. Thanks to the new cooperation with the family dental centre, by 2021 THC will have about 50 dental surgeries ​and generate over PLN 50m in revenue.

The Twoj Usmiech Dental Centre is a modern facility that consists of five surgeries run by the Skrzyszewski family business.  Although the first office was established in the late 1950s, Twoj Usmiech began operations in 1990. Piotr Skrzyszewski, a dentist, who is an endodontist specialising in occlusion and ergonomics of dental surgeries, dental photography, and digital dentistry. He conducts training courses for dentists all over Poland.

Twoj Usmiech is a pioneer in occlusal diagnostics in Lower Silesia and offers a wide range of dental services. The dentists employed specialise in areas such as periodontology, surgery, prosthetics or orthodontics and orthotropics. Thanks to so many specialists in various fields, patients can receive comprehensive and advanced treatment. The Twoj Usmiech Centre also relies on high-quality medical equipment, and the dental surgeries are fitted with the latest generation of scanners and microscopes. The company also has its own photographic studio and x-ray laboratory.

Twoj Usmiech with the support of THC

As dental practitioner Piotr Skrzyszewski, president of the Twoj Usmiech Dental Centre, explains, the cooperation with THC will help the company to continue its development. To be able to offer world-class services, the company needs to continually train its doctors and invest in advanced digital technologies. Joining the THC group will therefore support Your Smile not only financially but also in terms of content, providing intra-group experience exchange, marketing, HR or legal resources.

Thanks to the innovative model offered by the Tar Heel Capital fund, Twoj Usmiech will still be able to decide on medical matters, while at the same time it will be a member of a group associating doctors who represent a high level of dentistry. As Piotr Skrzyszewski adds, the cooperation with THC will not only allow the company to enter into a new dental network but will also enable the creation of an innovative project.

In turn, as Jacek Przybył, principal of Tar Heel Capital, explains, the fund became interested in Twoj Usmiech centre due to the high level of services offered, which are carried out in a small town near Wroclaw, as well as the training for people from the dental trade. In addition, the Dzierzoniow-based company is advancing in specialisations that are also of interest to THC.

THC is looking for more dental centres

THC is still inviting more dental centres to cooperate, especially those that would like to establish a partnership for 5-7 years. Such time allows for the significant growth of the facilities in terms of services offered and revenue generated. THC recalls that market consolidation began in July 2020 with the purchase of the Estetique Centre from Polanica. Subsequent investments were the Tulident centre in Wrocław and the local DenticaCenter chain from Silesia. In 2020, THC was also joined by Galeria Uśmiechu from Kraków, which now has ten dental practices thanks to the acquisition.

In 2021, THC purchased Stomatologia Bez Bolu from Jelenia Gora, and has now started working with the Twoj Usmiech dental centre. The acquisition of the Dzierzoniow-based company was advised by CET, the exclusive partner of Clairfield International in Poland, as well as Ostrowski and Partners Law Firm (Kancelaria Ostrowski i Wspólnicy) and KM Partners Law Firm (Kancelaria KM Partners).

THC assumes that by 2021 it will have around 50 practices and generated revenues will amount to PLN 50m. The group’s plans include closing more deals and opening more offices together with THC’s associates.

For more information on the latest trends in the dental services market, see PMR’s report: „Dentistry services market in Poland 2021. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026”.

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