The 8th Polish Entrepreneurship Congress in Krakow


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The 8th Polish Entrepreneurship Congress is the largest mobile economic event in Poland. This year’s edition will be held from 5 to 7 October at the ICE Krakow Congress Centre.

The idea of the Polish Entrepreneurship Congress was established in 2013, in Katowice. Since then, this event has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of meetings for decision-makers from the worlds of science, business, local government, parliamentarians, and representatives of government administration. The Congress is a platform for exchanging expert knowledge and vast experience of Polish entrepreneurs, scientists and politicians, i.e. company presidents, directors of institutions, university rectors, local government officials and experts on law and economy.

The upcoming Congress will comprise almost twenty discussion panels. The agenda will include issues related to the commercialization of research results, the strength of Polish science, green technologies, but also innovative solutions in key sectors of the economy. Partners of individual discussion panels will be experts who have a real impact on economic indicators in our country. Such an exchange of views and experiences of authorities in science, business and representatives of state and local administration will allow to develop a national entrepreneurship program for social and economic development of Poland.

We are pleased to announce that Mungo Keulemans, CEO, PMR will take part in the panel “ECONOMY 4.0 – MODERN SERVICES FOR BUSINESS”.
Topics to be discussed during the panel:

  • Challenges, trends and direction of development of modern services in Poland
  • Big Data, Cloud Computing or Machine Learning. Digital transformation has more than one name
  • The 5G standard. A few words about the Internet
  • Robots are coming, or the impact of robotization on the labor market, wages and safety
  • 3D printing as a new way to design and manufacture products


Polski Kongres Przedsiebiorczosci 2021


The Partners of the 8th Polish Entrepreneurship Congress include:

  • HONORARY PATRONAGE: European Commission, European Parliament, Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology, Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, Minister of Family and Social Policy, National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR), Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (KRASP), Conference of Rectors of Polish Technical Universities (KRPUT), National Chamber of Commerce, Union of Polish Metropolises, Union of Polish Counties, Supreme Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, Polish Economic Society (PTE), Polish Chamber of Ecology (PIE), Lewiatan, Chamber of Commerce Polish Waterworks (IGWP).
  • INSTITUTIONAL PATRONAGE: Polish Chamber of Printing, Polish Bank Association, Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP), ECTP Innovative Built Environment, Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce (PIIG), Polish-Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Polish-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PRIHP), Czech-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (PLIG), Polish and Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, CCI France Pologne (French-Polish Chamber of Commerce), Polish-Dominican Chamber of Commerce (PDIG), Local Government Institute, Polish Chamber of Commerce for Advanced Technologies (IZTECH).
  • MEDIA PATRONAGE: Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Forum Entrepreneurship, Business Plus, Interia,, Forum Akademickie,, Newspoint, przedsiębiorcy@eu, Dziennik Warto Wiedzieć,, Serwis Administracyjno-Samorządowy, Klub Integracji Europejskiej,,, Fintek.
  • ORGANIZER: Polish Agency for Enterprise
  • CO-ORGANIZER: European Fund for Enterprise Development Foundation
Event website address:

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