The Justice Fund supported more than 140 hospitals

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The Justice Fund equipped more than 140 Polish hospitals with specialized medical equipment in 2019-2020. A total of PLN 51m went, among others, for respirators, ECG, X-ray, ultrasound and imaging diagnostic systems.

The Fund collects the funds adjudicated from the perpetrators of crimes, and uses them, among others, to support victims who have been injured in road accidents resulting from crime. The Fund has already equipped more than 140 hospitals nationwide with specialized medical equipment in 2019-2020.

For example, a nearly PLN 5m grant for the Independent Public Clinical Hospital named after professor Adam Gruca in Otwock, helped to enrich the equipment of the facility’s Imaging Diagnostics Department. The innovative system of imaging diagnostics is safer for patients than traditional X-rays, due to a many times lower radiation dose, and enables more efficient and safer examination of, among others, the spine of patients injured as a result of crimes.

Also, thanks to the support from the Fund, the first replantation and reconstruction unit in Mazowsze was created at the Otwock Clinic. Specifically, the funds helped to purchase equipment, including a modern surgical microscope, which allows for replantation and reconstruction of hands and fingers. With the use of the modern microscope, 79 hand and finger replanting surgeries have already been performed at the clinic.

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