UOKiK punishes for selling at presentations

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As much as PLN 2.7m of the fine was imposed by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) on Vget Polska. The company organised presentations of medical devices during which it misled consumers.

Diagnosing diseases that do not exist

During the audit, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection determined that Vget Polska invited by phone to free tests as part of the Health Academy or Healthy Poland campaigns. Participants of such presentations were tested using AM Scan device, and representatives of the company interpreted the results and diagnosed diseases on this basis. Later, they persuaded the participants to buy products that would help to get rid of the diagnosed ailments. However, UOKiK found that AM Scan is not a medical device to assess the state of health, and the devices offered later do not cure diseases.

In addition, the products were offered for purchase under the alleged promotion, although, as determined by UOKiK, they were sold as part of the company’s standard offer.

Vget Polska will pay a record-breaking fine

As a result of the inspection, UOKiK imposed a fine of PLN 2.7m on Vget Polska. This is one of the highest penalties imposed by the office on a company organising such presentations. The company must also immediately stop using unfair practices. Additionally, it must inform all customers with whom it has concluded agreements between January 2017 and June 2019 about the decision of UOKiK

This is another UOKiK penalty for a company from the medical industry organising presentations. In May 2019. UOKiK punished Vitaldream and R.A.M. Poland, which sold Magnetic Field Applicator, and in December 2018 – ACS Medica (which offered ACS MED mat and Magnetic Forte Applicator).

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