uPacjenta.pl launches coronavirus tests


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The uPacjenta.pl start-up, belonging to the Grupa Diagnostyka, has started collecting material for the diagnosis of coronavirus infection in patients’ homes and workplaces.

The service of material collection (blood and swabs) in such indication is currently provided in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice and Tricity. It is to be extended to other cities. The company offers three types of diagnostic tests. Two of them are serological tests that detect the presence of antibodies. The third test is a genetic smear test, the standard in COVID-19 diagnostics.

Dedicated teams, equipped with protective equipment and disinfectants are set up to collect the material. Such teams have no contact with blood collectors for other tests. All tests are carried out in laboratories of Diagnostyka, validated by the Ministry of Health. Apart from such laboratories, Diagnostyka also operates a network of drive-thru collection points.

uPacjenta.pl is a start-up that provides home blood tests in about 20 cities. Apart from that, it also offers home rehabilitation visits, medical and nursing and midwifery visits and home visits of KTG.

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