Will Altos Labs reverse the ageing process?

Altos Labs

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Jeff Bezos is investing in a startup called Altos Labs, which will do research into reversing the ageing process. The company wants to develop technology to “biologically reprogram” the human body so that aged cells can be regenerated. Many wealthy entrepreneurs, including Larry Page and Peter Thiel, are interested in similar projects.

Altos Labs is a company founded in early 2021 that has raised funding of $270 million. Its goal is to find an effective method to rejuvenate cells that have already been aged. The company is to work on laboratory cells, which are later to be injected into patients’ bodies. The Altos Labs team is made up of bioengineering and biotechnology specialists, and each employee will be paid an annual salary of $1 million. Dr Shinya Yamanaka, a 2012 Nobel Prize winner for somatic stem cell research, was invited to work on the project. According to the announcement, the first scientific paper, which will be prepared by Altos Labs specialists, explaining the process of “biological reprogramming” is to be published soon.

One of the people investing in the start-up is Jeff Bezos, who has recently become interested in the development of various technologies. The owner of Amazon has previously been involved in a project enabling commercial space flights and has now decided to partially finance research into reversing the ageing process. He is not the first wealthy entrepreneur to be interested in life extension research, with others investing in similar projects including Google’s Larry Page and PayPal’s Peter Thiel.

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