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Following the trends observed in Western Europe, the dental services market in Poland is consolidating. Medicover Stomatologia still wants to take an active part in these processes, says managing director Wioletta Januszczyk in an interview with PMR.

Medicover Stomatologia: great potential of local and regional leaders

According to Wioletta Januszczyk, in Finland as many as 35 percent of surgeries belong to the network, in Great Britain and Spain – 25 percent. Although there are still over 6,000 independent dental surgeries in Poland, more and more of them join the dental network, seeing the benefits in it. These include administrative, accounting and marketing services, access to advanced technologies, modern equipment and innovations. For doctors, it is an opportunity to focus on the development of their own competencies, scientific or training activities.

“As Medicover Stomatologia we see great potential in working with clinics that are leaders in local and regional markets. Therefore, our acquisition strategy for the coming years assumes cooperation with the best medical experts and dentist centres in the country. We can see that thanks to this, highly specialized dental services are becoming more accessible for patients” – says Wioletta Januszczyk.

“We currently have 142 dental chairs in 31 locations and are planning further openings.”

Medicover always buys 100 percent of the clinic’s shares. At the same time, the company wants their founders to stay with them, but retain their autonomy and uniqueness. “We do not impose a single standard – we build our organizational culture by combining the identities of many different entities. In addition to acquisitions, in the years to come we will face a dynamic organic growth. We currently have 142 dentists’ chairs in 31 locations and we are planning further openings” – says Januszczyk.

Patient expectations set trends

According to the director of Medicover Stomatologia, patients themselves say a lot about how the dental market will develop in the coming years. It is their expectations and needs that set the trends in dental services and, more broadly, in the vision of dentistry in Poland.

“From our perspective, the positive experiences of the patient are central today. We can provide them with our own dental ecosystem, in which all dental specialties, full diagnostics, various treatment methods and even services from the borderline of dentistry and aesthetic medicine are available under one roof. For the patient, this means time savings, a structured plan and the comfort of treatment” – emphasises Januszczyk.

More information on the latest trends in the dental market in the PMR report: “Dentistry services market in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for the 2019-2024”.

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