Zarys: Largest equipment delivery to Poland

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On Tuesday, April 7, Ruslan An-124 plane filled with medical equipment for Material Reserves Agency (ARM) landed in Poland. The whole cargo in the plane is products signed by Zarys International Group.

This is another supply of Zarys in cooperation with the Material Reserves Agency. However, it was at the same time the largest single transport of medical equipment to Poland during the coronavirus pandemic. The products come from factories in the Far East.

– Several million disposable medical masks and tens of thousands of protective suits have arrived in Poland. Zarys has mobilised all possible resources to collect and deliver to Polish hospitals and medical facilities the disposable medical equipment needed to fight the coronavirus – said Pawel Ossowski, Vice President and Managing Director of the company, to PMR.

The Material Reserves Agency is a governmental unit whose main task is to maintain strategic reserves. Currently, it is responsible, among others, for the supply of protective suits and protective masks for hospitals.

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