Changes to Scanmed’s board of directors

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In October 2019, two new persons were appointed to the Management Board of Scanmed S.A. They were included in the Management Board: Krzysztof Bury – acting as medical director and Karolina Radomyska – acting as HR director.

Another woman on Scanmed’s board of directors

There are currently five members of Scanmed’s board of directors, two of whom have been appointed since 1 October. We are talking about Krzysztof Bury – acting as the medical director and Karolina Radomyska – acting as the HR director.

Hubert Bojdo, who took over position after Joanna Szyman in July 2016, remains the President of the Scanmed Group Management Board. Dorota Szydlowska, who has been working for Scanmed since 2007 and as director of the clearing and contracting department since 2015, is also on the board of Scanmed. In 2016, she was appointed to the management boards of Scanmed group cardiology companies, and in June 2017 to the management board of Scanmed S.A. Another person on the Management Board is financial director – Krzysztof Piglowski, appointed in February 2018.

Scanmed Group currently

The Scanmed Group is a private network of medical facilities offering health services within the National Health Fund and paid for directly from the patient’s pocket.

According to, currently the network’s facilities operate in 40 locations in Poland. Apart from ambulatory care and diagnostic services, Scanmed also runs two full-profile hospitals – in Blachownia and Krakow. Moreover, the group includes the Gastromed centre in Lublin, the Weiss Klinik ophthalmology centre in Chorzow, the sports medicine clinic in Zory, as well as numerous comprehensive cardiological care centres.

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