A pioneering field of study at Jagiellonian University: Second Discovery and Development

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Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow is currently recruiting for a new field of study called Drug Discovery and Development. These are second-cycle studies. According to the university, it is the first such course in Poland and the seventh in Europe. – Its creation was based on the diagnosis of both the labour market and the educational offer,” says Marcin Kołaczkowski, PhD, professor at Jagiellonian University, Deputy Dean for Strategy and Development at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The new field of study is intended for graduates of at least the first degree or uniform studies. They may be graduates of pharmacy, medical faculty, medical analytics, biotechnology, but also other faculties of biological and chemical character.

The first year of studies is a general introduction to the subject of drug development. It will cover, among other things, the development of formulations, registration, patents and animal models of various diseases. In the second year, students will be educated in the development of an original or generic drug.

They can choose from three specialisations. The first one is Medicinal Chemistry, i.e. chemistry of medicines. This means developing an optimal chemical structure, with particular emphasis on the relationship between structure and physicochemical properties. The second specialization is Experimental Pharmacology – Experimental Pharmacology. This profile focuses on research and development of new therapeutic substances. Finally, the training can take place at the specialization of the Model Informed Drug Development. It focuses on supporting drug development on the basis of created and applied in practice mathematical models.

The studies on Drug Discovery and Development will start in the academic year 2019/2020. They will be conducted in English.

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