Biometric signature: Medicover Hospital as a pioneer

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Medicover Hospital is the first medical facility in Poland, where a biometric signature has been implemented. The solution was delivered by Asseco Data Systems.

The biometric signature is handwritten by means of a dedicated tablet. The special software enables its faithful representation in electronic form and its connection with the document in the system.

In the Medicover Hospital, the signature will be used both to accept admission to the hospital and to consent to procedures and procedures. Implementation of the signature in the next step towards elimination of paper solutions.  According to the company, it will also accelerate the process of patient service. The biometric signature is also intended to strengthen the security of personal and medical data.

According to PMR data, Medicover Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in Poland in terms of the number of beds. It is located in Warsaw’s Wilanów district. The facility is certified by the Healthcare Quality Monitoring Centre.

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