Wioletta Januszczyk for PMR: patients see a greater need to invest in a healthy and beautiful smile

WioletTa Januszczyk

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The coronavirus pandemic has stopped many patients from visiting the dentist. However, after a temporary break in March-April 2020, we have been seeing a significant influx of patients since the second half of last year, says Wioletta Januszczyk, Managing Director of Medicover Stomatologia, in a commentary for PMR. Today, it is safe to say that the pandemic has re-evaluated the role of dentistry, and patients already see a greater need to invest in a healthy and beautiful smile. Increasingly, patients are choosing to extend conservative treatment with specialist treatments such as orthodontics, prosthetics, implantology or cosmetic dentistry.

Investing in a beautiful smile – investing in yourself

More and more patients today are ready to invest in the better appearance of their teeth. They do not want to limit their visits to the dentist only to the standard treatment of the so-called “toothache”. Patients are more and more aware that the health of the oral cavity – also in the aesthetic aspect – is a key element of our health – explains Wioletta Januszczyk, Managing Director of Medicover Stomatologia.

I think we can safely say that the pandemic has actually changed the perception of dentistry among patients. We can see that they are more and more willing to allocate a larger budget to dental services, with implantology, orthodontics and prosthetics leading the way – emphasizes the Managing Director of Medicover Stomatologia.

The second trend we see, apart from the change in the structure of revenues on the market, is the so-called dental experience. Patient-consumer expectations are changing, which can be seen in the growing role of customer service – adds Ms Januszczyk.

Medicover Stomatologia with further development plans

The Medicover brand’s priority and differentiator is the individual approach. For several months now, we have been consistently and successfully developing our concept – “The Ritual of Smile“. We believe that care focused on positive patient experience, openness to new technologies and transparency of the treatment process are the basis of comprehensive dental care and competitive offering – says Medicover Stomatologia Managing Director.

In our centres patients can not only undergo a complete metamorphosis of their smile, having specialists in all fields of modern dentistry at their disposal. Additionally, from the very first visit, the patient is guided by a dedicated carer who takes care of his or her comfort, provides relevant information and prepares the appointment schedule. All this makes the visits virtually stress-free. In our hotel or coffee bars environment everyone can feel comfortable, forget about stress and uncertainty which often prevent patients from visiting the dentist – says Wioletta Januszczyk, Managing Director of Medicover Stomatologia.

Summing up: all dental specialisations, full diagnostics, various methods of treatment – available “under one roof” – in combination with a structured according to the plan, comfortable treatment, under transparent conditions, and exceptional care that can be compared to the service in the best five-star hotels – this is the “new standard” of Medicover Stomatologia, which we will consistently develop – concludes Januszczyk.

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