Aflofarm is the biggest advertiser in 2018

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In 2018. Aflofarm Farmacja Polska for another year in a row was the largest advertiser in Poland in the traditional media. The company spent nearly PLN 1.9 billion on advertising its products at a price list.  According to Kantar Media data, it was almost as much as the three largest advertisers in total. At the same time, Aflofarm was also the only company in the forefront that reduced its spending last year (decrease by 8%).

Among the top 10 advertisers there were two other companies from the pharmaceutical industry. The third place was taken by Natur Produkt Zdrovit. The expenditure of this company increased the most among the leading advertisers – by more than 50%. The seventh place in the ranking was taken by USP Zdrowie, which also recorded a double-digit increase in expenses.

According to PMR data, Aflofarm is the largest OTC producer in Poland. In 2017, the third largest company in the ranking was USP. In addition, both entities are also high on the list of the largest OTC drug manufacturers.  Natur Produkt Zdrovit, on the other hand, focuses its operations on the segment of dietary supplements.

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