Coronavirus: #hot16challenge2 has already collected over PLN 2.5m

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#hot16challenge2 action, initiated by Polish rappers,  has already managed to raise nearly PLN 2.7m to help doctors and hospitals to fight the coronavirus.

#hot16challenge2 in the fight against the coronavirus

The original #hot16challenge action was born in 2014. It was a challenge to record video footage in which a rapper makes a stanza consisting of 16 verses (hence the name of the project). Then, the performer nominated five other artists for a similar challenge, who were to present their 16 verses within 72 hours. A total of 200 rappers took part in the #hot16challenge.

The second edition of the action, called #hot16challenge2, was launched at the end of April 2020. It is connected with the charity collection on the portal. Each of the artists, apart from recording a 16-version return, is also obliged to pay money for the purpose defined in the collection. The funds are also paid by viewers of video materials.

Nearly 300% of the target

#hot16challenge2 is different from its original, not only in its charitable purpose. This year’s edition of the challenge is also attended by performers from outside the world of hip-hop, as well as… politicians. Nearly eight million views have been recorded by the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda. Over six million hits were recorded by Janusz Korwin-Mikke. In total, there are 12 videos with five and more million views.

The original goal of the action was to collect PLN 1m. Currently, the collection account at already has nearly PLN 2.7m. The collection was supported by 76,000 people. Funds from the #hot16challenge2 collection are added to the “National collection for fighting COVID-19” within the portal. Its account already has nearly PLN 28m paid by 460,000 people.

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