Nearly PLN 600m for a new hospital in Poznan

szpital kliniczny poznan

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Approximately PLN 590m is to be spent on the construction of a new clinical hospital in Poznan. The new facility will move the activities of the Szpital Kliniczny Przemienienia Panskiego and Szpital Kliniczny im. Heliodora Swiecickiego, which currently operate in historic buildings.

State will allocate PLN 520m to the hospital

The new hospital will operate as the Central Integrated Clinical Hospital – Interventional Medicine Centre. On Tuesday, 7 January, a resolution assuming the establishment of a long-term programme to implement investments in the hospital was adopted by the Council of Ministers. As a result, the government will support the investment with the amount of PLN 520m.

The explanatory memorandum to the resolution underlines that the current condition of the buildings in which the above mentioned clinical hospitals are located threatens their functioning. The objects do not meet technical standards and due to their historic character it is not possible to adapt them to the conditions and standards specified by law. In addition, their maintenance generates increasing costs, which limits the development of the facilities and availability of medical services for patients.

The building will be finished by 2025

The activities of the Szpital Kliniczny Przemienienia Panskiego (from Dluga Street) and Szpital Kliniczny im. Heliodora Swiecickiego (from Grunwaldzka and Przybyszewskiego Street) are to be transferred to the new hospital. The new investment is to provide greater access to modern forms of diagnostics and therapy and to increase the number of highly specialised procedures. The facility also wants to focus on the development of outpatient care by shifting the burden from inpatient to outpatient and one-day care.

In addition, the integration will allow to reduce the costs of the facilities’ operations through the joint use of SOR (emergency department), diagnostics, sterilisation plants, technical infrastructure, administration and management. It is worth noting that at present no hospital of the Medical University of Poznan has a specialist emergency ward. Moreover, the rooms of the emergency room in the hospital at Grunwaldzka Street do not meet the requirements for the Hospital Emergency Ward and the building does not allow for its adjustment to relevant standards.

The facility is to be ready in 2025 and have 1,150 beds. The main activities will be heart and vascular diseases, internal diseases, surgery, orthopaedics and neurology. The investor’s assumption is to connect the new building with the existing buildings at Przybyszewskiego Street belonging to the City Hall. This is another significant investment announced by the public hospital in recent months. We have written more about it here.


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