Piotr Czauderna resigns as President of ABM

piotr czauderna

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Piotr Czauderna is no longer the President of the Medical Research Agency (ABM). On 10 December, he informed the Minister of Health that he resigned from his post.

Prof. Piotr Czauderna at the head of ABM has been in charge since the end of September 2019. The resignation from the position was dictated by the desire to return to clinical work and scientific research, both in the Polish and international dimension.

In accordance with the Act on the Medical Research Agency, the President of the Agency is appointed by the Minister of Health by way of a competition. His term of office lasts 6 years. It should be stressed, however, that the same person may serve as President for no longer than two consecutive terms.

In September, ABM announced its first non-commercial clinical trials competition. As it announced in early December, 77 projects worth PLN 1.35bn were submitted to the competition. The pool of funds to be distributed is PLN 100m.

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