The government has increased financial outlays on health care


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The Polish parliament has passed an amendment to the law which will allow for a gradual increase in healthcare spending, from 6% of GDP in 2023 to as much as 7% in 2027. The funds will be used to help increase the salaries of medical staff, modernise infrastructure and develop the technology.

Due to the amendment, which will come into force after 14 days from the date of publication in the Journal of Laws, the health service will be able to receive increased funding earlier than previously planned. Already in 2023, outlays on health care are to amount to 6% of GDP and will be gradually extended over the next four years to reach 7% of GDP in 2027. The changes adopted by the Polish parliament will allow for the generation of additional funds, which are to amount to approximately PLN 83bn over the five-year span, thus exceeding PLN 215bn in 2027. Moreover, until 2027, the health care system can rely on support from savings from the state budget.

The additional financial support will make it possible to provide wider access to healthcare services, which will have an impact on the queues for medical examinations and specialists. The amendment, as well as the government’s planned lifting of limits on appointments to specialised doctors, is expected to shorten patients’ waiting time. Increased funds will also enable the modernisation of infrastructure and allow for transformations in the area of modern technologies. Health care workers are also to gain, as their salaries will be raised.

The amendment also allows the minister of health, in consultation with the minister of finance, to make changes to the spending plan, which will allow for the transfer of funds between sections of the state budget. Moreover, the amendment extends until 30 June 2022 the validity of current lists of healthcare providers, established due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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