Sano and NEO Hospital to develop new health technologies

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NEO Hospital and Sano Centre for Computational Personalised Medicine have established a collaboration. Under the agreement, the units will work together towards the development of new technologies and personalised medicine.

Collaboration with NEO Hospital

Sano – The Centre for Personalised Computational Medicine which is an international research foundation has entered into a cooperation agreement with NEO Hospital. The units will cooperate in the field of scientific research and research and development projects. The cooperation will be implemented through joint execution of national and international research projects and mutual sharing of research facilities.

The aim of the activities will be to generate knowledge and new technologies to improve healthcare in the future. Sano and NEO Hospital intend to implement new solutions in clinical practice, and assume the possibility of commercialisation of jointly generated knowledge or technology.

About Sano

Sano Centre for Computational Medicine is a scientific unit established in Krakow, which, with the support of such programmes as MAB FNP and Teaming for Excellence EU, conducts research and implementation in the field of computational medicine. Sano comprises six research teams with unique competences.

The Centre’s scientists develop advanced algorithms, modelling methods, computer simulations and artificial intelligence tools to support doctors in the diagnostic and therapeutic process. Modern technologies developed at Sano are also to be applied in research laboratories of pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, where they will accelerate the development of new drugs and technologies.

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