Adamed to invest PLN 230m

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Adamed, a prominent Polish pharmaceutical manufacturer, plans to expand its plant near Lodz, according to Puls Biznesu. The company intends to take advantage of the zone tax exemptions.

Benefits from operations in the LSSE

At the end of December 2019, the company received a decision to support the Lodz Special Economic Zone (LSSE). Adamed will take advantage of the zone’s tax exemptions, which will amount to at least PLN 81.1m, and a maximum of nearly PLN 93m. The whole value of the expansion project is estimated at PLN 230-310m.

Adamed is one of 25 companies that decided to invest in the Lodz Special Economic Zone last year.

Plants underneath Lodz

The Adamed Group has two plants: in Pabianice and Ksawerow. At both the company employs over 660 people. In 2018 it opened a pilot plant in Pabianice which concentrates on research and development. It enables effective research and development of medicinal products. The investment cost was PLN 30m. As previously announced, the company plans to launch a new factory by 2020, and that this will double the facility’s production capacity.

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