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Jabil announced the consolidation of its entire healthcare business under the name Jabil Healthcare. The new entity will be headed by Steve Borges, General Manager and Deputy Executive Vice President, Polish Press Agency (PAP) said.

Connection to Nypro

Jabil Healthcare will combine Nypro’s existing activities with those of orthopaedics, spinal medicine and trauma surgery and related medical device manufacturers. The new entity will serve five health care sectors, i.e.: medical devices, orthopaedics, diagnostics, drug delivery systems and commonly available medicinal products.

Steve Borges, quoted by PAP, said that the merger of Jabil and Nypro will accelerate technological progress and increase the value of solutions offered to customers, their patients and the healthcare sector.

The largest provider of healthcare production solutions

Thanks to consolidation, Jabil will become the largest provider of production solutions for the healthcare sector. The company has 35 centres around the world and nearly 20,000 employees serving leading brands.

Jabil Healthcare uses its knowledge of the medical industry and its experience with other sectors to help the healthcare industry to implement technological innovations faster and increase their uptake.

Jabil is a manufacturing solutions provider that provides comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain and product management services.

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