Less than 3% of the coronavirus tests in Poland were positive

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According to the data published by the Ministry of Health, in Poland less than 3% of the tests for coronavirus gave positive results, i.e. confirmed the infection.

As of Wednesday, 18 March, 9,515 samples were tested for coronavirus infection in Poland. A positive result was 246 of them, which means a share of less than 3% (currently, 305 are diagnosed as infected).

According to the Ministry of Health, as of 18 March, over 900 people suspected of COVID-19 infection were hospitalised in hospitals in Poland. Nearly 22,000 were quarantined due to possible contact with the infected person, and another 35,000 – after returning from abroad. Epidemiological supervision concerned about 40,000 people.

At present, MoH has submitted about 50,000 molecular tests to laboratories in Poland.  The capacity of laboratories dedicated to COVID-19 diagnosis is about 3,000 samples per day. Currently, about 1,500 tests are performed daily. Samples are taken in case of any suspicion of infection.


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