Coronavirus: Over half a million tests in Poland

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As of 13 May, the number of samples tested for coronavirus infection in Poland amounted to nearly 530,000, according to official data presented by the Ministry of Health.

At the same time, the number of people tested is 485,000. The difference between the number of samples and the number of people is due to the fact that some people are tested for coronavirus more than once. The data include molecular tests performed by laboratories listed by the Ministry of Health.

As of 14 May (including the morning report of the Ministry of Health), the number of infected people in Poland is 17,469. Currently, the growth of new infections is the most dynamic in the Silesian voivoship. For example, out of 265 new cases announced in the morning of 14 May, 209 came from this region. This is due, on the one hand, to the occurrence of large coronavirus outbreaks in mines in Silesia, and on the other hand, to mass testing of miners and members of their families (which more often than in other regions, asymptomatic carriers are caught).

In the remaining voivodships, the epidemic is ending. According to the Minister of Health Lukasz Szumowski, the virus reproduction rate in Poland has fallen below 1. This means that one sick person infects statistically less than one new person.

Since 18 May, Poland has been entering the third stage of economy thawing after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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