LUX MED the most valuable medical brand in Poland

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LUX MED, one of the largest private medical companies in Poland, has been chosen by Forbes as the most valuable medical brand. In the top ten of the list there are also other medical companies – Medicover and Enel-Med.

LUX MED worth almost a billion PLN

The value of the LUX MED brand was valued at PLN 941.5m. This is over twice as much as the value of the second brand in the ranking – Medicover (PLN 468m). Interestingly, both companies operate in the same segment and are the two largest players in the private healthcare market in Poland. According to PMR data, their total revenue in 2018 amounted to almost PLN 3bn.

The third place in the ranking was taken by the brand of OTC drug Rutinoscorbin (GlaxoSmithKline). In the top ten there was another private medical company – Enel-Med (7th place). The value of this brand was estimated at just over PLN 200m.

The ranking was commissioned by the Instytut Studiow Wschodnich and published by Forbes in May 2019. The brand value refers to 2017. The method of royalties was used to calculate the brand value. Pharmacy sales (in the case of relevant brands), company revenues and questionnaires sent by brand owners were also taken into account. Brand strength was calculated using a dedicated consumer survey.

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