Enel-Med will create a chain of medical stores?

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At the end of December, Enel-Med, a private medical company, launched its the first medical store. It is located in the Northern Gallery in Warsaw. The facility is to complement the offer of the medical centre launched in September in the same location.

The shop’s offer includes mainly medical, rehabilitation and travel accessories. A significant part of the portfolio consists of devices designed to mitigate the effects of sleep apnea.

The facility in Warsaw is the first shop in the series “Doctors Enel-Med recommend”. – If the project receives the approval of our customers, soon a nationwide network of sales of medical products may be established under our name – said Jacek Rozwadowski, the president of the company.

According to PMR data, Enel-Med is one of the largest private medical companies in Poland.  The company operates in both the outpatient and hospital segments. It offers services in multi-specialist clinics, as well as in the field of dentistry, sports and aesthetic medicine.

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