CarnaLife System is installed in medical facilities

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The beginning of November began positively for MedApp, which in recent days has announced the signing of two contracts for CarnaLife System implementation. The solution for remote patient health monitoring and treatment process management will be used in Magnuccy Clinic and the Szpital na Klinach.

CarnaLife System during a pandemic

Although the second wave of the pandemic is raging and the number of COVID-19 cases in our country is already counted in thousands of cases per day, telemedical solutions as one of the few branches of our economy are constantly developing. More and more establishments decide on this type of services, because in the era of a pandemic it is the only safe form of providing medical services.

Today’s MedApp current report reads: “On 3 November 2020 the company concluded with NEO Hospital Sp. z o.o. ONE Sp. k., the owner of “Szpital na Klinach” in Cracow, concluded a license agreement for the pilot implementation of the CarnaLife System application”. The solution will be used as a pilot in the Cracow facility for the care of obese patients. It is worth noting that also on 3 November 2020, MedApp signed a similar agreement with Klinika Magnuccy Sp. j. from Katowice.

CarnaLife Virtual Clinic from MedApp

Let us recall that some time ago MedApp announced its intention to introduce a “virtual clinic” service. The company informed about it in mid-October. At that time, it was planned to launch the solution in December. The virtual clinic is supposed to enable the patient to choose any clinic in the country that has a signed contract with MedApp by registering there and the entire treatment process can be carried out remotely.

MedApp states on its website that “CarnaLife Virtual Clinic, thanks to the use of Al and BigData Analitycs, offers comprehensive remote medical care, including consultation, diagnostics and patient monitoring.”

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