PMR and Upper Finance report: double-digit growth on surgical robotics market in Poland

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In 2020, the global da Vinci device market was worth $4.358bn. In Poland, more than 1,150 surgical procedures were performed with the support of the da Vinci system in 2020. The market in our country is estimated by PMR and Upper Finance to be worth PLN 126m in 2020. This represents a 47% increase compared to 2019.

Poland in the world of surgical robotics

Approximately 1.25 million procedures were performed worldwide in 2020, a 1% increase over 2019. On a quarterly basis, year-over-year procedures increased 10% in Q1 2020, decreased 19% in Q2 2020, increased 7% in Q3 2020, and increased 6% in Q4 2020. The installed base of systems in 2020 is up 7% over 2019. A clear rebound is seen in Q1 2021. Intuitive Surgical delivered 298 da Vinci surgical systems, an increase of as much as 26% compared to Q1 2020. The global number of procedures using the da Vinci robot increased by approximately 16%.

In Poland, the number of surgical procedures performed with da Vinci assistance is growing even more rapidly. In Q1 2021, Polish authorized centers performed 415 procedures, 57% more than a year earlier. Despite these increases, the pandemic had a negative impact on the activities of hospitals burdened by the COVID-19 fight. As a result, hospitals performed fewer procedures than planned.

Strong performance and outlook for surgical robotics market

The global da Vinci devices market was valued at $4.358bn in 2020. The main source of revenue, $2.455bn, is tools and accessories (share of total revenue: 56%). This is a clear part of the manufacturer’s strategy to increase the use of installed systems. In the U.S., the development of the market is already in the phase of operationalization and standardization of robotic surgery, and the evidence of the widespread use of da Vinci systems is the growing share of centers with more than 7 installed systems – year-on-year growth here is as high as 20%. Revenues from sales of surgical systems amount to $1.179bn, the remainder is made up of service revenues of $723m and sales of instruments and accessories of $2.455m. A financial instrument that effectively supports robot sales is operating leases. In 2020, the share of devices delivered in such a model accounted for 37%, while in the first quarter of 2021 it was already 43%.

The value of the market in 2020 in Poland amounted to PLN 126m. This represents a 47% increase compared to 2019. This growth could have been much higher had it not been for the pandemic, which affected the dynamics of a large portion of centers, particularly those that performed tasks related to providing assistance to patients with COVID-19. Some hospitals experienced a delay of several months in implementing robotic surgery programs.

According to forecasts prepared by PMR and Upper Finance, the surgical robotics market in Poland will grow from PLN 237m to nearly PLN 680m between 2021 and 2026, which means that the average annual growth in value (CAGR) of this segment will be as high as 23%. This value includes not only the estimated amount of sales of robots – it also includes the purchase of tools and disposable materials needed to perform the procedure, servicing, as well as the value of medical services themselves.

Report „Market of surgical robotics in Poland 2021. Development forecasts for 2021-2026” can be downloaded free of charge here (Polish version only).

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