Medicover Stomatologia: another acquisition

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At the beginning of July Medicover Stomatologia was joined by the Wrocław-based Royal Dent Clinic specializing in implantology and orthodontics. This is another acquisition of the company in recent years. In 2016. Medicover Stomatologia took over DentaCare and a year later Prestige Dent. Earlier, in 2018, the network was joined by a complex of Stoma-Dental offices and Yellow-Med dental engineering laboratory.

The network currently includes over 100 dental surgeries, located especially in the largest cities. “We are growing both organically and through acquisitions in the dental market. Ultimately, we want to build a network of dental clinics in Poland throughout the country,” comments Wioletta Januszczyk, Managing Director of Medicover Dentistry.

PMR forecasts an average annual growth in value (CAGR) for the private dental services sector in Poland of 8.5% between 2018 and 2023.

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