PMR’s business climate index for the dietary supplements market in Poland – the highest in years

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According to research carried out by PMR on the dietary supplement market over the last 15 years, the situation in the sector is now the best in the history of the research. However, in our opinion, this is primarily due to the fact that the year 2020 was quite weak for many categories of supplements. Eventually, the value of the market grew by 5%, which was a very moderate increase, but also not too bad compared to the whole economy – according to the latest PMR study, the results of which are presented in the report “Dietary supplements market in Poland 2021. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026”.

Most manufacturers very optimistic about the next 12 months

The situation on the dietary supplements market is currently assessed as extremely good. Almost 90% of respondents – managers of companies present on the market (manufacturers and distributors) – assess it positively. Overall, this is the best result in the period of our analysis (since 2007). This is certainly influenced by the strong sales increases that manufacturers have been recording since April 2021 year-on-year, as well as by the fact that the industry, despite declines in many categories, managed to end 2020 with a positive result (which contributed to the overall good situation of companies operating in this market).

Also taking into account the projected situation in the coming months, the optimism is unprecedented in the period since 2007. – Only 2% of companies expect the situation to deteriorate. Most often, the managers of companies present on the market justify their forecasts by the growing interest in dietary supplements.

PMR’s Current Conditions Index for the dietary supplements market (which consists of forecasts and current assessment of the market situation, as well as the current and expected financial standing of companies) is currently at its highest level – 51 with a maximum of 100. In 2020, however, it reached 7.7; the lowest level since the beginning of our research in this market. In 2020, the difference in dynamics between medicines and dietary supplements (together with dietary foods) was relatively large, which we believe was due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, patients were keen to buy painkillers and antivirals, while in the case of dietary supplements they tended to focus on cheaper vitamins and minerals, while forgoing more expensive dietary supplements e.g. for joints, skin, hair and climate PMR

For more information, see the PMR report: “Dietary supplements market in Poland 2021. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026“.

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