PZU Health does not slow down the pace

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At the end of October, PZU Health started a new medical facility in Gdansk.  It is the first facility of the company established from scratch. It specializes in non-operative treatment and prevention of spine descent. The clinic also offers the care of specialist doctors and services of imaging and laboratory diagnostics,

“The medical centre will provide health services to insurance, subscription, individual and public system customers”, says Julita Czyżewska, President of PZU Zdrowie.

PZU Zdrowie currently has a network of 2.1 thousand partner outlets in 500 locations. In addition, it has been building its own network of outpatient clinics for several years, which currently has about 60 outlets.  PZU announces the opening of new clinics in 2018.

According to PMR data, the value of the Polish private healthcare market (without spending on medicines and pharmaceuticals) will exceed in 2018. The value of the Polish private healthcare market will exceed PLN 24.6bn. The total revenues of PZU Zdrowie in 2017 amounted to nearly PLN 460 million.

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