Polish lab to develop a COVID-19 genetic predisposition test

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Centrum Badan DNA, a Poznan-based Polish laboratory, is developing a genetic test which will be used to test a person’s susceptibility to COVID-19 infection. The test will also help to identify patients at risk of severe coronavirus infection, informs medycynaprywatna.pl.

New genetic test available in a few days

The coronavirus pandemic has a different course in different countries around the world. This may be due to differences in genes of individual societies, which in turn has an impact on the immune system and most probably on the course of COVID-19 infection. Therefore, Centrum Badan DNA, a genetic laboratory from Poznan, decided to develop a genetic test that will use this dependence. This test will identify several key genes responsible for increased susceptibility to coronavirus and determining the course of the disease. According to company, it is the first entity in the world to start working on this kind of test.

The test is to be ready for implementation in a few days.  To carry it out, a biological material such as a cheek swab will be sufficient. Its result is to be ready in two days.

New test will reduce COVID-19 mortality

According to Jacek Wojciechowicz, President of the Board and Head of the R&D Department of Centrum Badan DNA, the knowledge available thanks to the tests will significantly reduce mortality caused by the new virus. First of all, it can be very important in the decision-making procedure of medical services during treatment of patients. Doctors will have information about the current stage of the infection. Already at an early stage, in case of unfavourable predispositions, they will also be able to decide about the hospitalisation of a person.

In addition, after the implementation of the coronavirus vaccine, people at risk should receive it first. Scientists recommend combining coronavirus tests with so-called HLA typing. On this basis, it is possible to find out which communities are more exposed to the severe course of COVID-19 infection.

Centrum Badan DNA also performs molecular tests to detect the presence of coronavirus and serological tests. The laboratory is on the list of entities authorised by the Ministry of Health to perform tests for SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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