Sopot: Soon a new geriatric hospital will be opened

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The opening of the Centrum Opieki Geriatrycznej in Sopot is planned for November. The facility will include specialist clinics, day wards and a 24-hour geriatric ward. The investor is the Pomorskie Centrum Reumatologiczne im. dr Jadwigi Titz-Kosko.

A few years of efforts to build a hospital

Senior care is one of the biggest challenges faced by the current health care system. Therefore, for several years now, the authorities of Sopot together with the management of the Pomorskie Centrum Reumatologiczne have been striving to obtain funds for the construction and equipment of a geriatric hospital. The construction of the facility began in 2017 and is now at the finish line.

It is worth noting that the facility was established through the expansion of the existing infrastructure. Two wings have been added to the building at 23 March Street, where there is currently a children’s rehabilitation ward. They will accommodate specialist clinics (geriatric and psychogeriatric), rehabilitation, diagnostics, as well as daytime and stationary wards.

Geriatric ward since January

The daytime rehabilitation unit in the facility was opened on 12 November. According to the portal, a geriatric clinic will be opened on 1 December and a psycho-geriatric clinic will be opened in the middle of the month. The geriatric ward, which has 40 beds, is to receive the first patients from January 2020, due to the fact that they are waiting for a contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ).

The value of the investment was over PLN 30m. According to initial assumptions, it was to be PLN 28m of which PLN 19m was to come from the EU and PLN 7.6m from the city budget. However, the costs increased because the children’s rehabilitation building was almost completely demolished and only a part of it was used for the new investment. The construction was completed thanks to the capitalisation of the Pomorskie Centrum Reumatologii by the city and additional support from the EU.

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