Zbigniew J. Krol returns to the Health Ministry

zbigniew j.krol

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Zbigniew J. Krol, former Deputy Minister of Health, returns to the Health Ministry (MZ). In accordance with the ordinance of the Minister of Health of 13 September, he will act as a plenipotentiary of the Ministry of Health for the implementation of the National Plan for Rare Diseases.

Zbigniew J. Król will implement the National Plan for Rare Diseases?

Krol was dismissed from the post of Deputy Minister of Health at the end of July this year. He was responsible for the reform of psychiatry and the National Plan for Rare Diseases. The reason for his resignation, according to unofficial information, was the poor state of psychiatry in Poland, especially in the field of children’s psychiatry (we have written more about this here).

On his return to the MZ, the King will therefore deal with some of the issues as before. As the plenipotentiary for rare diseases, he will primarily coordinate the adoption and implementation of the National Plan for Rare Diseases. He will report directly to the Minister of Health.

Long-awaited document

The implementation of a strategy for rare diseases in Poland has been expected for many years. The plan envisages, among other things, the establishment of reference centres specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. It is planned to increase the availability of highly specialised medical care and the availability of drug therapies and expensive technologies. To this end, a separate budget for orphan drugs is to be allocated.

The plan also aims to improve the uptake of screening and genetic testing. It is to introduce a codification of rare diseases and a register of such diseases. In Poland, according to various estimates, 2-3 million people suffer from them.

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