We know new forecasts for the private healthcare market and the opinions of market leaders

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This year’s industry event: I Private Healthcare Forum in Poland is behind us! On 10 September 2020, we met among key providers, manufacturers of medical equipment, IT solutions, pharmaceutical companies as well as investors and media partners to discuss the situation in the sector and forecasts for the next year. The event was full of substantive content and debates on healthcare in Poland. The majority of people present in the room were representatives of senior managers who have a real impact on the shape of the sector in Poland.

What are the forecasts for the next year?

Summing up the Forum, the PMR team presented the values of seven indicators in the private healthcare market, including the values of: private healthcare (market without expenditures on drugs and non-drugs), subscriptions, insurances, telemedicine, dentistry, laboratory diagnostics and imaging diagnostics – all in two scenarios that take into account the impact of the epidemiological situation on the values achieved. One key thesis flows from the presented data: each segment of the private healthcare market is governed by its own laws and some of them will come out with a defensive hand in the time of crisis, but some will face quite deep declines.

From the numerous discussions and statements of the Forum’s participants, however, the conclusion emerges that in the near future the biggest challenge for private but also public providers is the telemedicine activity and provision of services under a strict sanitary regime. The main problem in the long run, which we have known about for years, but which was also highlighted by the participants of the PMR Forum is the shortage of medical staff.

The shape of the market after six months since the appearance of the COVID-19 and the use of new technologies

During the PMR Forum the participants had a chance to take part in panel discussions. Have we been flooded by the digital transformation in healthcare? How did COVID-19 influence the shape of the market? This year’s evaluation and development plans were shared by representatives of the following companies and organizations: LUX MED, Medicover, PZU Zdrowie, Signal Iduna, Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development and Jutro Medical.

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