Notino opens its first pharmacy

Notino opens its first pharmacy

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Notino has decided to expand its offer with health-related products. In November, the first Notino pharmacy will open in the Czech Republic, where, in addition to cosmetics and dermocosmetics, customers will be able to buy medicines. In the future, the company would like to start selling medicines in every country in which Notino operates.

The perfume and cosmetics market requires constant care for the customer, and product quality is of paramount importance here. Not only do cosmetics companies have to consider the balance between price and quality, but they also have to constantly update their offer with new products and categories. Achieving high sales results is therefore linked to understanding customer needs and expectations.

Notino has approximately 82,000 products in its portfolio, and with such a broad selection, the company can reach many customer groups with diverse requirements. Notino’s offer consists of drugstore products, which are available at very low prices, and luxury products from brands such as Dior, Channel and Armani.

The impact of the pandemic on the cosmetics market

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the behaviour and preferences of customers who are increasingly willing to shop online. As Bartosz Kliś, Chief Commercial Officer at Notino, emphasises, during the pandemic the company observed a shift in sales from stationary outlets to online sales. In his opinion, the pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the retail market and blurred the boundaries between different types of customers.

Before the pandemic, customers were divided into several groups depending on their shopping preferences. A distinction was made between customers who only used stationary shops and those who shopped online. Currently, customers adjust their shopping preferences to the situation and choose the most convenient option. As Bartosz Kliś adds, it is difficult today to prepare a separate offer for stationary or online customers, because customers decide to use both sales channels.

Bartosz Kliś emphasises that the cosmetics market is very competitive and one of the biggest challenges is the fight against counterfeit products. Notino has about a thousand brands whose products are imported directly from the manufacturer to eliminate the possibility of selling products of lower quality. Such brands include Dior, Armani or Lancome.

Notino’s development plans

According to Bartosz Kliś, the cosmetics market is very attractive from the point of view of the company’s development, as more and more product categories are appearing on the market, including bio and cruelty-free products. Notino is constantly developing its portfolio in order to adapt to the ever-changing expectations of customers. Therefore, the company has decided to introduce products from the health category, which will allow customers to purchase nutritional supplements.

Additionally, due to the increased interest in health during the pandemic, Notino has decided to launch the first Notino pharmacy in the Czech Republic, where customers will be able to buy cosmetics, dermocosmetics and medicines.

The company is also investing in innovations that it introduces into its stationary shops. Customers can use a device called Fragrance Finder, which enables them to match the customer’s fragrance preferences to the products on offer. Customers choose which fragrance compositions are their favourites and a computer displays the products in which these fragrances are present. Another innovation is also a virtual mirror, which allows customers to test coloured cosmetics without having to apply the products.

The company also wants to invest in opening more warehouses to shorten delivery times in Western European countries. In addition, Notino wants product deliveries of up to two hours in the major European cities where it sells. This will enable customers to receive quality products within a short time of placing an order.

Notino started its operations 17 years ago in the Czech Republic and is now one of the largest online retailers of cosmetics and perfumes in Europe. The company decided to expand into the Polish market 15 years ago. Today the company is present in 28 countries, and this year Notino has started operations in Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

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