ABM: innovative therapeutic solutions in RNA technology with opportunity in Poland ?


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Medical Research Agency (MRA) has informed that the innovative therapeutic solutions, selected in a recent competition, among others, will be a starting point for the creation of vaccines and innovative medicines using RNA technology. The selected five research teams will develop RNA technology in Poland in the course of the coming five years.

A total of eight research teams participated in the ABM’s competition, of which five has been selected: 

  • Acellmed sp. z o.o. with funding of PLN 18.2m;
  • Adamed Pharma S.A – with funding of PLN 58.5m;
  • Celon Pharma S.A – with funding of PLN 83.6m;
  • OncoArendi Therapeutics S.A – with funding of PLN 36.6m;
  • Warszawskie Zaklady Farmaceutyczne Polfa S.A. – with funding of PLN 93.8m.

According to MRA, these projects can be divided into two groups:

  • Entities that will develop drugs and vaccines using RNA technology. These would be typical antiviral vaccines. Some of the recommended projects are based on the fact that certain drugs target the RNA of the virus. For example, coronavirus is an RNA virus and there are drugs, which directly interfere in the process of virus multiplication.
  • The second group of projects is a universal platform –  an RNA molecule, which is universal, and depending on what fragment of genetic information is substituted, a vaccine against new generations of coronaviruses can be created. In practice it means that depending on what kind of pandemic danger could emerge, the RNA technology could be adapted for the specific threat.

MRA emphasized that the goal is for the awarded consortia to bring their products to Phase I clinical trials and produce pilot doses. So far in Poland there was neither infrastructure nor competencies to produce RNA vaccine. Moreover, thanks to this, Poland is now joining the world’s leaders, although these technologies will not be available in a month or a year.

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