CENTRAL STATISTICAL OFFICE: In 2017 Poles visited the doctor on average 8 times

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According to the latest report of the Central Statistical Office, in 2017 outpatient clinics in Poland provided 326 million outpatient care services. Of these, 291 million were medical consultations and 35 million were dental consultations. At the same time, medical advice provided in cities accounted for about 85% of all outpatient medical advice.

This means that the average Polish resident in 2017 had an average of 7.6 outpatient medical visits. The largest number of visits per capita took place in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship – 9.1. As it results from the PMR data, this is the voivodeship with the largest number of outpatient clinics with outpatient clinics and AOS in Poland – nearly 2.8 thousand (13% of all). On the other hand, the saturation of such centres is, according to PMR data, one of the lowest in Poland. It amounts to only 0.52 centres per 1,000 inhabitants. The saturation is much higher in Ostrołęka, Siedlce and Warsaw than in other poviats in the region.

The lowest number of consultations per capita was given in 2017 in the Opolskie Voivodeship (7.4). The indicator was also below the average in Lubuskie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodships (7.6 in each). According to PMR data, the number of centres with outpatient clinics in Opole voivodship is the lowest in Poland.  It amounts to ca. 520, which constitutes only 2.5% of all such centres in the country. Approximately 18% of outlets are located in the capital of the voivodship.

According to CSO data, primary health care centres (CPS) provided in 2017. 169 million consultations. Of this, nearly one third were visits of people aged 65 and older. Women visit PCPs more often than men: they were provided with 57% of all consultations. Outpatient specialist outpatient clinics (AOS) provided 116 million consultations.

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