Are there no family doctors in Poland?

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According to PMR data, there are at least four outpatient clinics in each district of Poland. This is natural given the short-term nature of the services they provide. However, there are areas where the saturation of outpatient clinics is far from the average. It is worth noting that access to family doctors is a guaranteed benefit.

Outpatient clinics are the most numerous in Poland. Their number is the highest in the largest voivodship cities. Most of the outpatient clinics are located in the districts of Lesko and Brzozowo located in the Podkarpacie region. However, per 1,000 inhabitants there is the lowest number of them in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship.

Generally, the indicator of saturation with such outpatient clinics reaches the highest value in German poviats. However, the cities with the highest saturation are Koszalin and Zamość. Although in the Poznań poviat the saturation with counselling centres per thousand inhabitants is one of the lowest, quantitatively the largest number of POZ outpatient clinics among the German poviats is located there.

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