Record investment of the Centrum Onkologii in Warsaw

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Over PLN 870m will be invested in the expansion and modernisation of the Warsaw branch of the Centrum Onkologii – Instytut im. Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie (COI). PLN 740m on this purpose will come from the Ministry of Health. The investment will be carried out in 2019-2024.

Proton therapy at COI?

The investment will include not only the renovation of the existing facility, but also the construction and equipment of a new clinical building. Thanks to this, the centre will offer comprehensive oncological services, from prevention, through diagnostics, to treatment and rehabilitation. This is to lead to an increase in the availability and quality of the services offered. This will manifest itself, among other things, in the extension of the activity concerning cancer prevention and the scope of care for chronically ill patients. The number and scope of oncological services offered will also increase.

The COI will also introduce innovative therapies, new care methods and medical technologies. One of them may be cancer proton therapy. Currently, the only centre in Poland that provides such services is the Bronowice Cyclotron Centre in Krakow.

The COI will change its name and become a research institute

Thanks to the investment, the total number of beds in the Warsaw COI will increase from the current 726 to 777. The number of intensive care beds will increase to 37, i.e. by 118%. The number of chemotherapy chairs (from 111 to 160) and the number of operating rooms (from 11 to 20) will also increase after the modernisation. In total, the usable area of the centre will increase to nearly 142,000 sq.m. and it will be possible to consolidate its two locations (from Wawelska and Roentgena Streets).

In the coming weeks, the COI will also change its name to the Narodowy Instytut Onkologii im. Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie and become a state research institute.

COI is one of the largest public hospitals in Poland. In total, in three branches in Warsaw, Krakow and Gliwice it has nearly 1,400 beds. In 2018, 86,100 patients were hospitalised and 376,000 outpatient consultations were provided in the Warsaw branch.

This is another investment recently announced by a public institution. We have written about others here.

More information on investments and trends in the hospital segment in the PMR report: Public and non-public hospital market in Poland 2019. Investment plans and comparative analysis by voivodship.

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