Automatic cabin to fight the coronavirus

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Polish startup – Celius company – introduces a device for automatic disinfection. In addition, the cabin is to perform automatic temperature measurement and scan the face of an incoming person. The automatic cabin can disinfect up to 300 people per hour and is to be used to fight the coronavirus.

Cabin – choice of version according to needs

Currently, the offer on the Polish market includes three versions of cabins. The choice depends on the company’s needs and traffic intensity. The most advanced TDC 12 cabin is a disinfection channel, weighing over 250 kg. Before starting the disinfection process, the cabin automatically scans a person’s face through microwaves, measures the temperature by analysing the thermal image and has the ability to record facial features of the examined person.

The whole process runs automatically and commands are given in Polish. If a person has a clearly elevated body temperature, the device triggers an audible alarm. If the temperature is normal, the person examined goes to the disinfecting part of the device through a sluice.

The purchase of the most advanced version of the cabin costs about PLN 40’000, while the cheapest version costs over PLN 20’000. The devices are also available for lease. It is to facilitate the process of fighting the coronavirus.

First cabin in Poland

The first cabin in Poland has already been brought in and its testing work started at the Holiday INN Hotel in Jozefow near Warsaw. The first tests were carried out on the hotel’s employees and former operators of Polish special formations specialising in chemical and biological safety from Alpha One.

It is worth noting that a certified Polish product of Bio ActiW company is used for disinfection, which is safe for people and animals. The preparation has a confirmed effective action against viruses, including COVID-19, so it can be used to fight the coronavirus.

The solution is dedicated to, among others, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals or schools.

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