Neuca Group will invest 120 million PLN

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Neuca Group, One of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Poland, plans to invest in 2019. PLN 120 million. It will be a similar amount of investment as in the previous year. This information was revealed by the President of the Group, Piotr Sucharski, during a chat with investors on the portal. 

Out of this amount, the Group will allocate approximately PLN 65 million for the continuation of works related to the construction of the new headquarters. It will be located at Forteczna Street in Toruń. 1.2 thousand employees will be transferred there, currently working in four locations in Toruń. The move is planned for the second quarter of 2020.

Additionally, Neuca will allocate approximately PLN 35 million for replacement investments.

In 2019. The Group will also invest PLN 20 million in the healthcare sector. It will allocate this amount to acquisitions. Neuca has been operating in this segment since 2014. It was then that the “Clinics” division was separated. Currently, the network, operating under the name of Świat Zdrowia (World of Health), comprises several dozen establishments. According to PMR data, this places it among the largest medical companies in terms of the number of outlets in Poland.

In 2019. The Neuca Group also plans to increase the share of private labels in particular health categories. This will be correlated with the development of pharmacy programmes and market activities. According to Sucharski, the company plans to implement new Rx drugs under the Genoptim brand. As regards the Apteo brand, activities will focus on numerical reach and sales structure management.

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