Bogusław Tobiasz – a new director for new innovative unit at Bayer


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The Digital Hub, Bayer’s latest investment in Poland, has found a new director – Boguslaw Tobiasz, a former regional senior IT head for Central and Eastern Europe at Amazon. Mr Tobiasz will be responsible for the strategic management of the new Warsaw-based unit, which will focus on developing innovative digital solutions for pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

The Digital Hub started operating in July and is focused on developing innovative digital solutions for the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. The Bayer investment is to guarantee employment in the Warsaw center for up to 400 IT specialists. The company plans to complete recruitment for most positions in the new hub by the end of 2022.

Before the appointment at Bayer, Mr Tobiasz worked at Amazon as a regional senior IT head for Central and Eastern Europe and managed a dispersed team of IT employees. At the same time, he was previously already associated with Bayer, working for over three years as a regional IT & digital innovation director for Central and Eastern Europe – during this time he was responsible for international projects for managing applications, infrastructure, digitization and innovation.

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