Coronavirus: we’re going back to the restrictions


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The coronavirus does not give up in Poland. In recent days, the number of confirmed infections has remained high. On Saturday a record was set – then 843 cases were recorded. Therefore, since Saturday, i.e. 8 August, the Ministry of Health has introduced in 19 poviats with the highest increase of recorded coronavirus infections some of the previously binding epidemiological restrictions in the whole Poland.

New regulation: where are more restrictions?

The Ministry of Health, guided by the number of cases in individual districts in the last 14 days, has issued an ordinance which divides Poland into zones and introduces more restrictions in some regions of Poland. In areas where more than 12 cases of Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus have been reported per 10 thousand inhabitants, the red zone applies. In districts where the number of new positive coronavirus tests per 10 thousand inhabitants was between 6 and 12, the yellow zone applies.

For example, in the red zone it is forbidden to organize fairs and cultural events. Gyms, cinemas and sanatoriums are closed again. Sports events, in turn, can take place without the participation of fans. There have also been changes in the organisation of weddings. In the yellow zone there are less restrictions and they are less significant.

Coronavirus – current epidemic situation

As of 9 August (morning report), the number of samples tested in Poland for coronavirus infection was over 2.2 million, according to official data presented by the Ministry of Health. At the same time, the number of people tested was over 2.1 million. The difference between the number of samples and the number of people results from the fact that some people are tested for coronavirus more than once. The data includes molecular tests performed by laboratories listed by the Ministry of Health.

It is worth noting that the number of diagnosed infected people in Poland has more than doubled in the course of last two months, to 51 791 people. Of which 1 807 people died.

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