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Asseco has made available an application for independent health monitoring. The “My Measurements” application enables collection of data on various health parameters.

One application two possibilities

The health monitoring application can be used in two ways. The patient can manually record various health indicators, e.g. current blood pressure, temperature and body weight. For diabetics using Glucomaxx Connect, the data is automatically transferred to the application.

The Asseco solution allows for individual configuration of standards for the entered results. What is more, the patient is able to create his or her own diary of measurements as well as graphs presenting historical data. The “My Measurements” application is available for users of mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. The solution belongs to the family of Asseco Mobile Patient Apps (AMPA), which include both stand-alone applications and those that support the cooperation with Asseco’s solutions operating in healthcare facilities across the country.

Will application support the treatment process?

The application made available by Asseco is intended to make it easier, especially for chronically ill people, to continuously monitor their life parameters. The solution can be integrated with the Medical Information software, so that data saved in the application can be sent directly to the doctor’s office and saved in the patient’s medical history.

We want the solutions we create to facilitate the functioning of both medical facilities and their patients. “My Measurements” were created especially for people who often provide information about their health to doctors. Thanks to this, they can be quickly attached to their records stored in the electronic system of the medical unit. No scanning or transcription is necessary. Thus, the application also streamlines the work of physicians, who thus have more time for patients during their check-up visit – explained, in a company announcement, Krzysztof Groyecki, Vice-President of the Management Board, Asseco Poland.

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