Vaccinations on COVID-19 in the first quarter of 2021

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Yesterday, the Government announced a draft National Vaccination Program against COVID-19. Under the prepared assumptions, vaccinations are to be voluntary, but the vaccinated are to have certain privileges.

Recruitment of the facilities that will carry out the vaccinations continues

Last Friday, the NFZ announced the recruitment of institutions to the National Sars-CoV-2 Vaccination Program. Until 11 December this year, the Fund is collecting electronic declarations from medical institutions that want to join the program of vaccinating Poles to COVID-19. It was announced that priority is to be given to primary healthcare clinics.

The task of the qualified facilities will be to carry out free vaccinations to COVID-19 among Poles. Vaccination is to be voluntary. Ultimately, the Ministry of Health plans that the COVID-19 vaccination center will be available in every municipality. In agglomerations and large cities an additional vaccination site on COVID-19 is to operate in reserve hospitals. In total, a minimum of 8,000 vaccination sites are to be established.

COVID-19: will there be privileges for the vaccinated?

The project of the COVID-19 National Vaccination Program provides for voluntary and free vaccinations for adults and children from the age of 12 years. It has been announced that the government provides certain privileges for the vaccinated. However, the details are to be known after the detailed information about the preparation to be vaccinated against COVID-19 is available. Comments to the presented project can be submitted until 12 December. Later, on 15 December, a ready-made strategy is planned to be adopted by the government.

On the government website we read: “The vaccine has already undergone, among others, detailed laboratory tests. At this stage specialists from 27 EU countries are evaluating the documentation. Then, until 29 December, the voting of experts from the member states is planned. This process will end with a decision by the European Commission. This means that the process of registering universal vaccination will most probably start in the first quarter of 2021”.

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