PMR study: Pharmaceutical sector will suffer less from coronavirus

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In early April 2020, PMR conducted a survey among its clients and partners from four sectors: pharma and healthcare, retail, construction and IT/ICT, which focused on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their operations in Poland. The results of the survey clearly indicate that the pharmaceutical sector is one of the areas least negatively affected by the current situation.

Two thirds of pharmaceutical companies operate without restrictions

In the pharmaceutical sector, the percentage of companies which not only retained but also increased their activity is currently the highest and amounts to 17% (the average for all surveyed sectors was 9%). Additionally, 67% of the surveyed companies from the sector currently operate without limitations, adapting to the prevailing conditions (without increasing the scope of activity). Also in terms of the scope of new recruitments, it is currently the highest in the pharmaceutical/health care sector (33% as compared to 11% in total).

impact of coronavirus pharma sector in poland

The biggest problem is disruption of the supply chain

The study we carried out in April 2020 also shows that in the pharmaceutical and health sector, the biggest problem currently facing companies is not limited customer demand but disruption of the supply chain (equipment/raw materials/commodities and materials). This may be due, inter alia, to problems related to imports of raw materials from China, which is an important producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) produced and sold in Poland.

A small percentage of companies also indicates a reduction or suspension of investment. As regards the change of investment plans for new ones, in the pharmaceutical sector it is the highest in comparison to the total (30% vs. 12%). The highest percentage of companies also plans to increase investments (10% vs. 3% in total).

impact of coronavirus pharma sector in poland part 2

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