New Minister of Health appointed

andrzej niedzielski prezes NFZ

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The former head of the National Health Fund (NFZ) was appointed on the new Minister of Health. Adam Niedzielski became the new Minister of Health. The decision was made public by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki yesterday.

In NFZ since 2018

Niedzielski has been with the NFZ for over two years. From January to July 2018, he was a member of the NFZ Council – he was appointed there at the request of the Minister of Finance. Then he was deputy chairman of the NFZ for operations, and a year later he became the acting chairman of the NFZ after Andrzej Jacyna’s resignation. In October 2019, the Minister of Health appointed him as head of the fund. We have written more on this subject here.

Niedzielski as Minister of Health will replace Lukasz Szumowski, who resigned on Tuesday.

Ministry of Health surprised? Szumowski’s resignation and more

Lukasz Szumowski informed that he is leaving his post in the Ministry of Health, but still plans to hold the post of deputy. The former Minister of Health also returns to his learned profession – he will be the head of the clinic, where he will work as a doctor after a four-year break. The decision to resign may have surprised government.

A day before the resignation of the Minister of Health, the decision to leave the Ministry of Health was also announced by the Deputy Minister of Health Janusz Cieszynski. According to him, he spent over two and a half years in the Ministry of Health.

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