Novo Nordisk makes changes in Poland and Switzerland

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Magdalena Paradzinska and Katarzyna Kacperska are two ambitious Polish women who will face new professional challenges. Both of them have been working for Novo Nordisk for many years and are moving up the career ladder. Paradzinska will replace Katarzyna Kacperska as General Director of Novo Nordisk in Poland. Kacperska, on the other hand, will find her new role in Zurich.

Magdalena Paradzinska and her unconventional experience

Magdalena Paradzinska has been with Novo Nordisk for 19 years. During this time she has worked in many important areas for the company. Initially she was responsible for Marketing & Sales Effectiveness projects in Asia and North Africa. In 2004 she took the position of Marketing Director in Novo Nordisk Algeria. Then, in 2007, she moved to Warsaw, where she was responsible for developing Novo Nordisk’s diabetes marketing strategies in the entire Eastern European region.

From 2014 she was Director of Market Access & Public Affairs in Eastern Europe, working to improve patient access to innovative therapies in the areas of diabetes and haemophilia. From April 2020 Paradzinska served as Senior Director of Obesity in Poland, where she built the Obesity Division and together with the Team developed a long-term strategy for Novo Nordisk’s growth and engagement in the obesity area in Poland.

Katarzyna Kacperska in a new role

Let us remind that previously, from mid-May 2018, the position of General Director of Novo Nordisk Pharma was held by Katarzyna Kacperska. Before assuming this position, the Polish woman worked in various managerial positions in the company’s branches in Poland, Denmark and the USA. In total, she has been with the company since 1997. Now new professional challenges also await her at Novo Nordisk.

From 1 July 2021. Katarzyna Kacperska will indeed relocate to Zurich, Switzerland. There, in the position of Senior Vice President Commercial Affairs & Strategy, International Operations, she will take charge of Novo Nordisk’s strategy and commercial activities in a region covering all countries of the world except the United States and Canada. At the same time, it was emphasised that she is joining Novo Nordisk’s global Management Board.

It is worth noting that Katarzyna Kacperska won the prestigious Novo Nordisk Manager of the Year award in 2020 for the implementation of activities that improved patient care in Poland, including the introduction of six innovative products with her team.

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