Immune-boosting products on the FMCG market

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Olimp Laboratories has extended the distribution network of its immune-boosting products to the FMCG market. Nearly 3,000 fuel stations started selling dietary supplements of the Polish manufacturer.

FMCG channel

The Polish pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories has introduced dietary supplements supporting immunity in the form of traditional capsules as well as in the form of shots into the FMCG channel.

The company started cooperation with such networks as PKN Orlen, Shell, Lidl, Zabka and Frisco. Special cabinets promoting immune-boosting products of Olimp Labs were separated there.

Potential of Olimp Labs’s immune-boosting products

Immune-boosting products are an important part of Olimp Laboratories business. In 2019 their sales accounted for nearly half of the company’s pharmacy sales (including products classified by PMR as magnesium, vitamin C or omega and trance acids).

We forecast that in 2020 the awareness of prophylaxis may increase as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, in the near future, vitamins and minerals used to support immunity, including vitamin C, may enjoy even greater popularity.

You can read more about dietary supplements market and the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on individual categories in the PMR report: Dietary supplement market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025.

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