LUX MED Group wants to expand its oncology hospital

lux med szpital elblaska

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The LUX MED Group wants to expand its oncological hospital in the Warsaw district of Zoliborz. However, the problem is the local plan, which the company has been trying to change since 2017, Rzeczpospolita reports. Now, it wants to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the so-called specustawa (special law).

Will the oncology hospital on Szamocka street expand?

The Szpital Elblaska is one of the hospital facilities run in Warsaw by the LUX MED Group. The hospital, with an oncological profile, is located at Szamocka street in Zoliborz. It operates under a contract with the National Health Fund. Due to the high demand for oncology services, the company wants to expand the facility. It plans to add another facility in its vicinity, at Ficowskiego street.

However, the problem is the plot on which the new facility would be located. There is a local plan prepared for it, which orders to leave an office building from the 1970s (a former electrical wholesaler). There are also restrictions concerning 60% of the biologically active area. As Michal Rybak, Vice-President for Operation of the LUX MED Group , admits in an interview with Rzeczpospolita, the company has been waiting for a decision on the change of this plan since 2017.

Will the specustawa help?

In order to speed up the administrative procedures, LUX MED wants to use the so-called specustawa (special law), which has been in force since August 2018. This law is aimed at speeding up the procedures for obtaining a building permit for housing investments and accompanying investments. The latter should be understood as all investments which are to serve the residents of buildings covered by a housing investment. Therefore, they may be nurseries and kindergartens, but also clinics or hospitals.

The specustawa allows for building against the provisions of the local plan. However, it is not clear from its provisions whether it is possible to build only the accompanying investments without the construction of flats or houses. LUX MED wants to make use of it. The company commissioned Green Fields to prepare the application, which has already submitted several applications in the spectra in Warsaw.

However, the company’s hopes are cooled by the Ministry of Investment and Development, the creator of the specustawa. The explanation sent to the newspaper states that the hospital is not an accompanying investment within the meaning of the Act on Facilitation of Housing Investments. Therefore, it can be expected that at the stage of formal examination of the application for determining the location of the investment, it will be left unprocessed.

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