Polmed buys shares in Starmedica

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Polmed has bought 100% of shares in two companies belonging to the Starmedica group, reports Puls Biznesu. The value of the transaction is not known. However, the company plans to spend a total of PLN 150m on acquisitions in 2021.

Polmed to strengthen position on private healthcare market?

The acquisition of Starmedica, reported by Puls Biznesu, is another transaction in the diagnostic imaging segment completed by a company operating in the area of private healthcare in Poland. At the end of 2019, PZU Zdrowie decided to take a similar step by investing in Tomma Diagnostyka facilities. Starmedica’s imaging diagnostics facilities are located in eight cities in Poland and provide magnetic resonance (MR), positron emission tomography (PET-CT) and computed tomography (CT) examinations.

It should be recalled that Polmed is ranked among the 10 largest companies on the private healthcare market in Poland in terms of revenues. The investment in Starmedica’s network of facilities in the area of diagnostic imaging may strengthen the company’s position on this market due to the possibility of offering more comprehensive services.

Polmed announces further investments

Polmed has already announced investments in acquisitions at the beginning of 2019. In the interview with Puls Biznesu, Polmed representatives reported that the acquisition of the Starmedica network is to be the basis for building a higher position in the area of diagnostic imaging. The company intends to spend at least PLN 150m on acquisitions in 2021. It was reported that Polmed will invest not only in diagnostic imaging, but also in other specialist facilities that complement the company’s offer. The company rather excludes investments in outpatient facilities or dentistry.

According to PMR estimates, in 2021 the dynamics of the imaging diagnostics market will be as high as 30-40%, depending on the scenario (more on this topic in our report). It is worth noting that in 2021 there will be growth despite the fact that the economic situation will still be worse than in 2019.

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